Kate Winslet had ‘teenage crush’ on new co-star Guy Pearce

London: Kate Winslet has revealed that as a teenager she had a crush on her co-star Guy Pearce who is scheduled to play her lover in her latest television drama ‘Mildred Pierce’.

The British actress admitted that she was obsessed with ‘Neigbours’ star Pearce as she was growing up in the Berkshire countryside.

“When I was a teenager I had two heart-throbs in my whole teenage years; one was Patrick Swayze and the other was Guy Pearce,” the Telegraph quoted the mother of two as telling Radio Times.

She said that she was so much in love with him during that time that she ‘was completely convinced that Mike was actually going to come and take me away on a white horse’.

The 35-year-old Oscar winning actress also revealed that she used to pretend to be ill just to watch the 43 year-old British-born actor on the hit Australian soap series.

“And I was so in love with Mike from Neighbours that I’d actually fake illness to stay off school,” she added.


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