Kate Winslet rekindles relationship with Louis Dowler

London: Kate Winslet has reportedly revived her relationship with her boyfriend of four months, Louis Dowler.

The duo had split last year when Winslet reportedly decided that she wanted to be alone.

The couple, both 35, has been pictured together in the past few months, in New York and Edinburgh, fuelling rumours of a reunion, and Dowler’s relatives have revealed that the couple is on a holiday together.

“They are on holiday down here. He brought Kate round yesterday and it is the first time I have met her,” the Mirror quoted Dowler’s grandfather, Jack Pearce, as saying.

“We went for a pub lunch. She is a very attractive girl. She was polite and very friendly. They didn’t talk to me much about their personal life but they seemed very much together,” he said.
Dowler was spotted taking Winslet along the town’s historic Chapel street. They later visited Marks and Spencer and then the local fish market.

“They were only on holiday down here for a short while. He brought her down to meet me for lunch last Wednesday and she was lovely,” his sister Natasha, who works in Specsavers in the port town, added.


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