Katy Perry sent vegan Russell Brand pic of half-eaten Big Mac

London: Katy Perry, who was banned from eating meat after she married Russell Brand, clicked a picture of a half-eaten Big Mac and sent it to her estranged hubby to irritate him. When they were married, Perry had to sit by and watch him live on a strict diet of no meat, no eggs and no dairy products - and definitely no alcohol.

“When Russell and Katy were married he tried to convert her to veganism, but she refused to go along with it,” a leading daily has quoted a friend of the comedian living in LA as saying.

“He’d try to always cook vegan meals for them when they were both at home. He hated her eating meat, especially when he was around to witness it. Then when Russell filed for divorce at Christmas, Katy didn’t know it was coming. Although it had been agreed that they would divorce, she was furious that Russell filed without warning her first. She felt embarrassed and betrayed,” the friend said.

The 27-year-old singer was so angry when strict vegan Brand filed for divorce without telling her that she got her revenge by doing the one thing she knew would annoy him - eating meat.

“So as a childish act of revenge, she had a few drinks with her friends and started texting Russell. He was ignoring her, so she did the one thing that she knew would get his attention and annoy him. She sent him a picture of a half-eaten Big Mac with the caption ‘Mmmmm, tasty.’

“Russell sent her a four-letter, one-word reply,” the friend said.


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