Katy, Russell don’t regret not signing pre-nup

Washington: Katy Perry and Russell Brand who got divorced lately, had never thought of signing a pre-nuptial agreement, but neither of them have any regrets about it. According to sources, the couple’s marriage had occurred so fast that they didn’t have the opportunity to summon lawyers to write up a pre-nup as they believed that they didn’t need one.

Apparently, both parties felt that neither of them would screw the other over divorce, as they both knew where the other stood on life and money. It was revealed earlier this week that Brand had refused to accept the 20 million dollars of Perry’s money that he had been entitled to, half of what she had made during their marriage.

“Russell is a very simple person who doesn’t need much to make him happy. He would never take money that [Katy] earned. That’s not Russell. And if it was the other way around, Katy wouldn’t have taken it either. They respect each other too much,” a website has quoted a source as saying.