Kelly Brook hates `unhappy relationship`

Updated: Jan 09, 2012, 09:06 AM IST

London: Model-actress Kelly Brook says she would never stay in a relationship where she wasn`t totally happy with, even though she knows break-ups are hard.

Brook, 32, who has previously dated Jason Statham, Billy Zane and Danny Cipriani, is currently in a relationship with former rugby player Thom Evans.

"I`ve been through some big break-ups and although it`s hard to do, I`m never one to just go along for the convenience of it, so I`ll always follow my instincts," quoted Brook as saying.

"If you`re not completely happy in a relationship, I think you`ve just got to know that if you`re feeling like things aren`t going right, then just have the faith that maybe you both deserve better. Don`t live in fear of losing someone," she added.