Kim Kardashian wants to wait a year before starting family

Washington: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and husband Kris Humphries would like to wait at least a year before starting a family. Kardashian, 30, who married Humphries, 26, in August, is in no hurry to have children yet, particularly as the basketball player is currently without a club.

"I think we would wait like a year before we really start trying to have kids. I think we want to figure out where he is gonna play and figure out like his career and like if we have to pack up and move somewhere, like the Midwest. Who knows?" Contactmusic quoted Kardashian as saying.

However, they see lots of kids in future and are determined to continue having fun together. "Lots of kids... having fun together, knowing that we can have fun and that life is fun and that we can spend time together and support each other,” Humphries was quoted as telling E! News. "Ditto,” Kardashian added.

They also have different views on their relationship since getting married, with Humphries feeling their union is stronger, but Kardashian insisting nothing has changed.

"It feels different every day, really I feel like we’re more and more married,” Humphries said. "It doesn’t feel any different to be married than to be dating, it’s exactly the same,” Kardashian added.


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