Kim laments failed marriage on season finale of reality show

London: Kim Kardashian broke down into tears on the season finale of her reality show, as she admitted that she regrets her failed 72-day marriage.

In a sneak peek from Sunday’s episode of ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’, the 31-year-old reality star revealed that, in less than 72 days, her feelings for ex-husband Kris Humphries changed.

The clip sees the brunette beauty have a breakdown on the season finale of the show, sobbing uncontrollably before her older sister Kourtney.

“It’s hard for me,” the Daily Mail quoted Kim as telling her sister.

“He’s a good heart, he’s a Christian - everything on paper I want in someone, but for some reason, my heart isn’t connecting.

“I feel awful that I made him move out here and change his whole life.

“I feel sad, I feel bad for the guy,” she said.

After reflecting on her highly publicised, very expensive August 20 wedding, the diminutive star clearly can’t cope with the depth of her feelings.

“He fell in love with me and I fell in love with him and now all my feelings have changed,” she said.

“I invited all these people to this huge wedding and flew everyone out, wasted everyone’s time and everyone’s money - everyone’s everything - and I feel bad!

“At 30 years old, I thought I’d be married with kids and I’m not.

“I failed at this.

“People change their minds, people make mistakes.’

“I honestly feel like I can’t do this anymore with Kris.

“I feel like I got into this way too fast. You know I’m not happy,” she added.