Kirsten Dunst torn between two former lovers!

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst is reportedly unable to decide which of her former lovers to choose, for rekindling romance.

The 28-year-old beauty is torn between Jake Hoffman, son of actor Dustin Hoffman and musician Jason Boesel, a news website.

"It changes by the hour. Kirsten can`t make up her mind which guy she wants to be with. Kirsten went running back to Jason. Now she`s seeing both guys. Jake is a brainy homebody who`s into art and board games. He`d love to settle down, but Kirsten has resisted making their relationship more serious," the source said.

"It`s not as if she`s complaining because both guys are hot. She likes them equally, so she feels conflicted. Her friends want her to stay with Jake because he`s stable and focused. They worry that if Kirsten continues to see Jason, her partying could get out of control again," the source added.