Know why Chelsy Davy dumped boy friend Prince Harry?

London: Prince Harry was dumped by Chelsy Davy after he asked her to share him with other girls.

Chelsy had agreed to one last heart-to-heart with the prince to see if their seven-year romance could be revived.

However, she was shocked when Harry told her he`d be happy to see her again - if he could date other women too.

"She hit the roof, Chelsy may not have blue blood but she``s got too much self-respect to let him get away with that," the Daily Star quoted a friend as saying.

"She`s not going to be some international dial-a-date he can fly in when he feels like it.

"Chelsy is a fun girl and Harry wanted to see her. But he didn`t see any reason why he shouldn`t see other people as well. After all, they`re not married or anything."


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