Kris Humphries `dating` Kim Kardashian lookalike since Jan

New York: Kris Humphries reportedly has a new girlfriend since mid-January, and she happens to look a lot like his estranged wife Kim Kardashian.

According to, Humphries has been secretly dating 25-year-old brunette Fatmire Sinanaj, who goes by the nickname of Myla, for months, the New York Post reported.

While Humphries’ marriage to Kardashian lasted just 72 days, it took the NBA star approximately the same amount of time to move on.

Sources said that the NBA star and his new paramour started seeing each other in mid January.

Kardashian had filed for divorce from Humphries on October 31.

Humphries was photographed with Sinanaj on a beach in Miami over the weekend, with many noting that the curvy brunette bore a distinct resemble to Kardashian.

However, Humphries told that he had never met Sinanaj and just happened to take the beach chair next to her. Photographs did not show the pair interacting.

However, sources claimed that Humphries actually flew Sinanaj from New York to Florida to spend the weekend with him.

Sources further said that the pair met at her place of employment, a five-star hotel in New York. While the hotel has not been named, it’s possible that she could work at the Gansevoort Park Hotel, where Humphries and Kardashian lived as a married couple.

Sources also told the website that Humphries invited Sinanaj and her family to watch him play basketball, providing them with courtside seats to see the Nets.

A photograph of Sinanaj at the game showed her looking especially Kardashian-esque with her long hair parted in the middle and loads of makeup coating her face.

Another image of her with the Nets’ mascot reveal that she wore leather leggings to the game -- a wardrobe staple of Kardashian’s.