Kris Humphries wants annulment, not divorce from Kim Kardashian

London: Kris Humphries wants to erase his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian from the record.

The 26-year-old NBA star filed to annul his marriage to the reality star on Wednesday, on the grounds of fraud.

According to People Magazine, his Superior Court filing has the box reading “nullity of voidable marriage” marked and checks as the basis the box saying “fraud.”

California law grants a nullity if the court finds that no valid marriage ever took place.

Humphries’s papers said that if he’s not granted an annulment then he wants a legal separation and not a divorce under any circumstances.

The basketball star agrees on the date of separation, however, which he also lists as October 31.

Annulments can be difficult to obtain, with a legal expert telling the publication that he will likely have to prove that fraud was actually committed.

According to, the socialite has been telling her friends that she absolutely loved Kris and the marriage just fell apart, so she’s unlikely to agree with this assessment.

LA family lawyer Scott Weston, who is not dealing with the celebrity couple, said Kardashian will probably fight the matter, unless she is willing to agree that she defrauded him.

It could mean the pair will end up in a bitter court battle.

“[Kris] is sensitive to marriage both emotionally and religiously,” the Daily Mail quoted a source as telling the publication,

The source also said that the move is “symbolic” rather than financially motivated.

“He went into it in good faith and never expected things to turn out this way,” the source added.

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