Kristen Stewart sweating it out to impress Robert Pattinson

Los Angeles: Actress Kristen Stewart has been working hard to make herself look sexy for Robert Pattinson.

The actress has given up smoking and is barely drinking alcohol. Sources say Stewart has been spending countless hours in the gym.

"Kristen has barely touched alcohol since July. She`s given up smoking and taken up Bikram yoga. The new fitness plan has done wonders for Kristen`s body and mind. Even her skin is glowing," quoted a source as saying.

"Robert just couldn`t stop raving about how fantastic Kristen looks. And she`s telling friends that she`s going to reel him back in with her body," added the source.

The couple has reconciled following their split. They parted ways when it was revealed that Stewart had a fling with married director Rupert Sanders.

Friends don`t believe that this reconciliation is going to last.

Reports claime Pattinson, 26, has issues trusting Stewart.

"The love story between Robert and Kristen is still a bit of a conundrum, it`s a weird relationship" said a source.

Despite claims that all is rosy, he is still not completely convinced that giving their relationship another chance is the right thing to do.

"There are moments when he continually asks her questions about the affair, so it`s all still very tense. They have some really serious trust issues.

"But they were brought together again by a great friendship so there could be hope. Robert thought Kristen was the girl he was going to marry," said a source.