Kylie Minogue wants to reunite with ex beau

Los Angeles: Singer Kylie Minogue, who recently parted ways with boyfriend Andres Velencoso, reportedly wants to rekindle the romance between them.

The duo dated for five years before ending their relationship. Minogue’s work commitments is said to be the reason behind their split.

However, they speak to each other every day and Minogue feels the split is not permanent, reports

“Despite the split being a mutual decision Kylie’s not convinced it’s the right one,” said a source.

“They still speak every day and are beyond close. In some ways while they are not together, their daily life actually hasn’t changed because they never saw each other anyway,” the source added.

Minogue wants Velencoso to spend Christmas with her.

“Kylie hopes that they can rekindle what they had and this split will be temporary,” a source said.

“She is hoping they will spend Christmas together. At this stage Australia is on her mind as a place where they can work things out,” the source added.