Lady Gaga`s new boyfriend caught cheating on her

London: Just days after reuniting with on-off boyfriend Luc Carl, popstar Lady Gaga has discovered that he is cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend.

The `Pokerface` hitmaker is devastated after discovering that the barman lied to her about breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, reported a news website.

Lady Gaga was photographed kissing and cuddling the 32-year-old bartender during a recent holiday in Texas, unaware that he was cheating on her.

"She`s only just got back together with Luc and now she`s frightened she`s going to lose him again because she simply can`t trust him. She`s also upset because this seems to make her the other woman," said a source close to the star.

The couple first dated five years ago before she shot to fame, but split over her then drug habit.

"Gaga has built this whole career and she had to prove she could do it. But in her personal life she feels like a fool because she still can`t make the man she loves love her and only her," added the source.

Gaga had her suspicions that something was not right and is said to have texted Carl`s girlfriend to find out the truth for herself.

After being told that they were still together, the 24-year-old has now decided to break up with Carl.

"It`s a matter of self-respect now and she may have to end it because she`s just not high enough on his list of priorities. She worries that he`s just using her for her fame and money and it`s killing her inside," said the source.