Lee Ryan rants against ex-girlfriend

Los Angeles: Singer Lee Ryan has posted some nasty messages on Twitter against ex-girlfriend Samantha Miller. He accuses her of cashing on their love life.

The two split in 2010. Ryan was charged with assault after allegedly striking Miller.

Ryan seems to be frustrated with too much intervention in his personal life, reports a website.

"F*** Twitter!!! F*** the press!!! I hate this s***!!! I`ve had enough! I wanna run away! Sammi (Samantha Miller) fill your boots! Join the que," Ryan wrote.

"You want the truth!!! Come on then you blood sucking people!!! All about my life!?? You wanna know! What do you want? Go on Sammi!," he added.

Ryan`s messages continued for almost an hour.

"Selling my story on my abusive relationship over the last 5 years!!! All the s**t I`ve been through. Sick of it! Now you`ll know the truth. When someone threatens to go public with your relationship again! Let`s go f***ing public!!!! Kept it to myself before!!!! Come on," Ryan tweeted.

"You can`t say s**t Sammi! Telling me your gonna sell a story as a weapon hopefully this will shut you ... up!!! Stop using who I am. I honestly couldn`t care less!! Do your worst!!!! I`ve set it up!!! Tell me your gonna sell another story! Good! Hope all you f***ers enjoy it," he added.

Ryan has a four-year-old son with Miller.


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