Leonardo DiCaprio walks Kate Winslet to the aisle in super-secret marriage ceremony

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: ‘Titanic’ beauty Kate Winslet has tied the knot for the third time in a super-secret ceremony, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Oscar-winning actress married Ned Rocknroll, Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson’s nephew, in a ceremony that was so private that even the couple’s parents were clueless about it.

Ned, born Abel Smith, Rocknroll’s father spoke to the Sun: “It’s not something I know of, but nothing would surprise me with those two.”

The confirmation came through the celebrity actress’ rep in a statement that admitted that Kate “wed Rocknroll in a private ceremony attended by her two friends. The couple had been engaged since the summer.”

The “very few friends” did include her ‘Titanic’ co-star and Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio who apparently walked her down the aisle.

While the news is sudden, it comes as no surprise since the couple even bought themselves a 15th-century style house in West Sussex, England, three months ago.

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