Link-up makes Ed Sheeran feel stud-like

Updated: Mar 15, 2013, 08:55 AM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Ed Sheeran has clarified that his link-up with Taylor Swift is false, but admits he feels like a stud with such rumours.

Sheeran was spotted going to Swift`s room in a hotel, and he came out only in the morning earlier this month. The incident sparked off rumours about their relationship. However, the singer has an explanation to give, reports

"My mates believed it and they were texting me asking if it was true. The fact people can believe it makes me feel like a stud," said Sheeran.

"I did go to her hotel, I did leave with the same clothes, but I was playing her my new record. We sat down and passed the guitar back and forth and played songs to each other. I`m a professional. It`s not a situation where I have to bang every girl I meet," he added.