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Marriage is an emotional storm, says Russell Brand

Updated: Apr 06, 2011, 13:36 PM IST

London: Marriage is an ‘emotional storm’, says British comedian Russell Brand, adding his wedding with Katy Perry has been an ‘incredible intervention’ in his life.

"I love it. I`m really very happily married. It`s such an emotional storm. It`s such an incredible intervention in my life. Since then, it`s been remarkably normal and real and gentle and loving. That`s why this film (`Arthur`) is so pertinent to me at this time. It made it easy for me to accept I could meet someone and change my objectives," quoted him as saying.

When asked about working together, Russell told the USA Today newspaper: "Not in the immediate future. We`d have to figure it out. I have no plans to embarrass myself further with singing. We have time. Both of us take our work very seriously. If something came along, maybe."

The two tied the knot last October in India.