Medical fetishism - when we play doctors in bed

Medical fetishists are people with special inclinations towards objects, environment and situations from medical and clinical practice.

Sexual attraction to medical instruments

Medical fetishism includes sexual attraction to doctors, medical uniforms, surgical procedures, anesthesia and intimate examinations, for example rectal or gynecological examinations. Medical fetishists enjoy measuring rectal temperature, enemas, inserting suppositories and prostate massage. This type of attraction is also present in the field of dentistry and dental instruments. Medical fetishism is an expression for role-playing during which special medical practices are performed on a partner.

Medical fetishists use costumes and uniforms to additionally spice up their medical procedures. Besides the ever present uniform of a nurse, which is at the top of the most attractive costumes, white doctors` robes equipped with all the instruments for regular check-ups are second in popularity.

Anesthesia fetish

Administering anesthesia and the procedure of anesthesia is a special experience for medical fetishists. A partner who decides if he/she will give or receive anesthesia experiences double pleasure, because the decision gives him/her dominance over the other partner. Anesthesia fetish can be very risky, because indulging in it outside the imagination can cause different levels of injuries and even death. That`s why medical fetishists often please themselves just by looking at pictures and reading about anesthetic procedures and instruments needed for the procedure. Some medical fetishists pretend to suffer from certain diseases or try to cause certain medical conditions in order to get general anesthesia in the hospital, which is still more safe than playing with anesthetics and abusing them at home.

Another unusual fetish is a scrotum saline injection which offers a special kind of pleasure.