Meet the ‘sperm hunter’ who has slept with 20 strangers to get pregnant

London: A British woman has confessed to being a ‘sperm hunter’ after she bedded 20 men in a desperate bid to get pregnant.

Lara Carter, 25, from Penryn, Cornwall, even uses ovulation kits to know when she is most fertile, and when she meets someone she pretends to be drunk, and throws herself at the man, making it obvious she wants sex.

And Carter, an assistant office manager, is so desperate that when she meets a man who wants to use a condom, she will offer one from her purse, which she has already pierced a hole in.

Her obsession with getting pregnant started a year ago, when she attended the birth of a friend’s baby, but with no regular boyfriend, her desire to have a baby drove her to target strangers as potential fathers.

“All my friends have babies and I desperately want to be a mum,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“I don’t have a steady boyfriend and feel my time to have a baby is running out.

“I only need a man to provide his sperm - I would have no interest in seeing him again. That is why I’m a sperm hunter,” she added.


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