Mel B and hubby under therapy since 4yrs

London: Former spice girl Mel B has revealed that she and her husband have been having therapy for the last four years.

However, the pop singer insists her marriage to Stephen Belafonte is "happy".

"Stephen and I have been seeing a family therapist - normally once a week,” the Sun quoted her a saying.

"It`s nice to show your vulnerability sometimes. I work through my frustrations by talking. I talk a lot. I`ve always been very open - maybe that`s why I got the name Scary Spice," she said.

In August film producer Stephen said the couple had split.

But they patched it up and Mel said things now have never been better.

"We`re very tight. You might think we`re volatile but we`re not. We don`t row - we have `conversations`. We agree to disagree. We want a baby and plan on having one in the next year," she told a magazine.