Melissa Etheridge`s ex suggests break-up wasn`t mutual

New York: Rock singer Melissa Etheridge`s ex-girlfriend actress Tammy Lynn Michaels has suggested in a new blog that their break-up last year was not mutual.

Etheridge, 48, had said that it was mutual, but in a rambling confessional poem posted May 20 on her blog, Hollywood Farm Girl, Michaels, 35, suggested that she had been "sideswiped and left mangled".

Michaels has hinted in the past that Etheridge jilted her, but her latest blog post is her most explicit statement yet.

"i did not go anywhere, honey./and you and i both know it/please stop telling the press it was mutual," the New York Daily News quoted Michaels as seemingly addressing Etheridge, with whom she has two children.

"sideswiped and left mangled/up to my eyes in toilet training toddlers/and sounds of a guitar wailing/letting me know/you would probably leave me soon/i know those heart-ache wails by now," she stated.

The poem appears to make several references to the role Ethridge`s music played in the couple`s household.

According to the poem, Etheridge would reach for her guitar as a way to avoid confrontation.

Michaels suggests that Etheridge was seeking "disappearances into the/hourglass-shaped wood with strings/never to finish a fight/never interested in clarifying,/making sense, making it right".

In spite of all her supposed accusations, Michaels appears to admit that she is still struggling to overcome her feelings for her ex-lover.

"i love that damn woman so much, I`m still trying to stop," she wrote.

"i had a dream last where/honey and i were fighting and going to get a divorce, and i woke up sobbing ... then i/realized. oh. It`s true," she added.

Etheridge and Michaels were together for nine years before breaking up last month.



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