Men are not from Mars, nor are women from Venus: Study

Updated: Mar 23, 2011, 11:15 AM IST

Melbourne: The battle of the sexes could be a myth after all.

A study of 75 couples has found no evidence of gender differences, according to a daily.

It seems women and men are not hard-wired in opposite ways, nor do they think, react and behave differently within relationships, reports the daily.

The research team headed by Deakin University researcher Gery Karantzas questioned the couples about their relationship satisfaction, attachment style, trust, level of support, modes of communication, conflict and intimacy.

Any differences were not stereotypical, they found.

He argued that men valued power, competence and achievement; women valued feelings and the quality of relationships.

The 150 men and women in the study were secure, and had low levels of destructive, conflict-centred communication. They had high levels of partner support, trust and intimacy.

Researchers suggested the couples had not grown more like each other over time, but had been attracted in the first place because of similarities.

The couples in the study were aged 19-63 and had been together for 15 years on average.

The study was published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.