Men can stop divorce by helping wives in household chores

New York: Men can reduce chances of divorce by helping their wives in household chores, a new survey has found.

A study of 3,500 British couples, conducted by the London School of Economics, had found that divorce rates were lower when husbands did household work, such as shopping and childcare.

Also, a lot of New York women insist, like their British counterparts, that men who do household work are hot.

Kimberly Howard, a 26-year-old art director from Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, says she gets turned on when she sees her partner cooking in the kitchen.

"My boyfriend is a super cleaner. Not only does he clean, but he cooks. Am I turned on by it? Of course. He’s taking charge, he’s taking responsibility. And that’s hot,” the New York Daily News quoted Howard, as saying.

She added: "It’s him taking care of me. This is sexy, and special."

Stefanie Shuman of Astoria, who works at a Manhattan ad agency and lives with boyfriend Jordan Schwartz, 27, feels the same.

She said: "The other day I asked him to clean while I was at work. He texted me later that afternoon to say he actually enjoyed Swiffering. I swooned. Another day, he grocery-shopped. I have high hopes for our relationship.

"It’s really reassuring that he enjoys taking care of our home. I was elated. You get that smile, then a sigh that comes with it."



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