Men can take death-defying risks for sex!

London: If a new research is to be believed, then men are hard-wired to show off and take risks in order to attract women.

According to the study reported on, this devil-may-care attitude may explain why men tend to die younger than women. But monogamy and economic equality could counteract this trend ? by assuring men they are likely to get some loving, the new study has suggested.

"The name of the game in evolution is to get your genes in the next generation," the New York Daily News quoted University of Michigan study researcher Daniel Kruger as saying.

From a reproductive point of view, men have less to lose than women if they engage in risk-taking behavior. Once he`s fathered a child, a man`s disappearance is not going to prove fatal to that child.

However, the child could be in mortal danger if the mom takes off, particularly in developing countries, the study has shown. Thus, unlike men, women may have evolved to not engage in risk-taking behavior, according to Anne Campbell, a researcher at Durham University in England, who was not involved with the new study.

Men will take risks as a way to impress a woman. They know on a subconscious level that women will most likely want a mate who`s a good provider, which is denoted by "status and stuff," Kruger said. Throughout history, men have traditionally used both violence and other risk-taking behaviors to show off their "status and stuff."

These strategies - along with a credit card - may still be used by men today to attract the woman of their dreams.



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