Men fall for `Miss Right` after a single date!

London: Men are men. They fall for "Miss Right" after just a single date, says a new study.

Researchers have found that men fall in love more easily than women -- most males reckon they know whether or not it`s "the real thing" after a single date while females wait until at least the sixth date before making their mind up.

Staggeringly, nearly one in four men said they believed in "love at first sight" and knew whether a girl was "the one" within seconds, `The Daily Telegraph` reported.

The study also revealed a large percentage of men claim to have loved someone who didn`t love them back. Men were also more likely to say "I love you" first and were also more likely than women to pine after their first love.

Both sexes agreed their first love was the one they took the longest to get over and one in four said they didn`t think they would ever fully recover from the heartbreak their first love caused them.

Men were also more likely to regret splitting up with their first girlfriend. Women were more likely to be happy with the decisions they have made and more realistic about how happy they were in the first place, the findings revealed.

Although women were more likely to try and track their ex-partner down over the internet and keep track on him and who he is dating.

Lead researcher Elizabeth Noble said: "It`s much easier than it used to be to track down people from your past, using Facebook and other forms of social media. But that doesn`t mean it`s always a good idea.

"If you`re lucky, you will have fond memories of first loves, but even if you`ve aged, I`d argue you learn to take things forward into future relationships that can make those work better and stay stronger."


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