Men have crushes despite being committed

London: Most men are known for their flirtatious ways and, if a new study is to be believed, a relationship can`t tie them down. Committed men have at least three more crushes on other women, it says.

Celebalike app (application) commissioned the survey and it was found that a quarter of men admitted to finding at least two co-workers attractive, reports

The study also revealed that one in 10 men found their neighbour attractive and one fifth said that they liked one of their friend`s girlfriend or wife.

"It seems to be a common stereotype that men fancy people outside of their relationship and the results show they do have a few secrets," a spokesman for the Celebalike app said.

"It`s normal for both sexes to still find other people attractive, but there`s no reason why that should impact the effort and commitment put into relationship if it`s something worth having," he added.

He also said that fancying a celebrity is to be expected, but it gets a little trickier when that person is someone we see day to day, especially if we`re in a committed relationship.


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