Men spend more on Christmas gifts for mistresses than their wives

London: Men who have affairs spend an average of 12 percent more on Christmas presents for their mistresses than their wives, a new survey has found.

The statistics, taken from a survey of 2,000 men who use the Illicit Encounters website, discovered that an average of 124 pounds is splurged on mistress’ presents, while 109 pounds is put aside for their spouse’s gifts.

The infidelity prone men were asked to describe the main Christmas gift being purchased for their mistress and their Mrs.

Eighty-nine per cent of these men admitted to choosing something “ultimately decorative with that being it’s sole purpose” for their mistress in comparison to 42 percent of these men choosing an item like this for their wife.

Half of the men chose something “practical and useful for around the home” for their other halves in comparison to only three percent of men who chose that kind of a present for their lover.

“The difference in the sort of gifts men choose to buy for their mistress and wives mirror the different ways married men often view these two relationships,” the Daily Mail quoted Rosie Freeman-Jones, cheating expert and spokesperson for Illicit Encounters as saying.

“Men often see their mistresses as playing more “surface”, decorative roles in their lives, providing sex and affection without much emotional attachment.

“This explains why mistresses receive less practical and more “pretty’ gifts.

“On the other side of the coin, a man’s relationship with his wife, after time, becomes less about being pretty and more about being practical - the bigger issues of mortgages and maintenance overtake the seemingly less important things like romance.

“The less a husband thinks of his wife as a sexual being, the more functional and “unsexy” his gifts will become,” Freeman-Jones added.


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