Men would ditch night outs with wives to spend on mistresses

London: A UK survey has revealed that men, who cheat, have admitted that they would readily ditch holidays and nights out with their spouses during recession but not hesitate to spend on their mistresses.

Researchers revealed that these men still consider their illicit love life to be a necessity rather than a luxury, even when times are tough, and the last thing they would cut back on is wining and dining their mistresses.

“Possessions like flash cars and mobile phones may offer brief bursts of happiness but the excitement and euphoria of a full-blown affair is evidently hard to beat,” the Daily Express quoted Sara Hartley, of dating website, which ran the survey, as saying.

Relationship expert Phillip Hodson added: “The last thing these men are going to do is give up something that boosts ego drive.

“Having a mistress isn’t just about sex for them, it’s about self indulgence. She’s most important to them because she makes them feel wanted,” he stated.