Michaele Salahi secretly promised to spend life with rock star

Washington: White House gatecrasher Michaele Salahi secretly promised to spend the rest of her life with her Journey rocker lover Neal Schon, despite her marriage.

Salahi confided in one friend back in 2009 when her relationship with Schon had suddenly turned sexual, that she planned to “grow old” with the guitarist, reports TMZ.com.

“We promised one another that we would [...] grow old together into our 80s and always love and be there for one another,” she told the friend.

“I remember crying so hard once when I told Neal I couldn’t see him -- heartbroken. He was always the love I never knew where it would go,” she added.

Michaele and Schon even sent sexually explicit messages to each other around that time -- in one message, Schon signed off, “xxxoooxxxoo Kiss, lick, and a nice stiff one 4 ya lol Neal.”

But long before it became sexual, their relationship had been filled with suspense -- according to sources extremely close to Michaele, the secret lovers struggled to restrain themselves from the very moment they met in 1995.

And Michaele was determined to keep it all a secret the entire time -- telling Schon two years ago, “I didn’t put [our pictures] up on Facebook ever to cherish you and keep you my secret. I love who you are too much.”

Schon replied he would never have married his ex-wife in 2001 if he had known the full extent of Michaele’s feelings.


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