Minnie Driver`s war hero dad cheated on wife with her mother

London: Minnie Driver`s father cheated on his wife with the Hollywood actress` mother.

The 43-year-old star appeared in BBC`s hit genealogy show ` Who Do You Think You Are?` to find out about her war hero father, who died only two years ago.

The reason for her appearance was simple, as in the 13 years they were together, her mother Gaynor Millington was her father Ronnie Driver’s mistress, while he led a double life with a wife and another daughter, the Mirror reported.

Ronnie was so secretive about his past that Minnie never met her paternal grandparents nor did she see an image of theirs.

Minnie said that her parents met in 1962 and lived together for 13 years.

However, she said that the couple broke up when she was six and during that time Ronnie was married to someone else and had another family.

She was also thrilled to discover that Ronnie had an older half brother, Leslie Stancliffe, who was an actor like her.

He died in 1947, but his daughter, Minnie`s half cousin Jean is alive and well and while chatting up with her on the phone, she learnt that there is an image in existence of her grandfather Charles - which Jean sent to Minnie at her home in the Hollywood hills.

She also got to know through the show that Ronnie threw a WWII bravery medal, as he thought he was undeserving of it.