More than a quarter of Kiwi women ready to pay for sex: Study

Wellington: More than a quarter of Kiwi women wouldn`t mind paying for sex, a new survey has revealed.

Ex-MP Pam Corkery and business partner Rebekah Hay commissioned the survey.

They are also setting up what is believed to be the world``s first male brothel for women, to open in central Auckland next July.

The surveyed women however were hugely in favour of a girls`` night out at Pammys, with 76.2 percent saying they would go to the brothel``s bar - where the male sex workers will mix and mingle with guests - with girlfriends.

"This survey confirms what we``ve always suspected - Kiwi women have a healthy and bold approach to sex," quoted Corkery as telling Sunday News.

"We``re dedicated researchers before we part with the cash."

Hay, in charge of Pammys design, said: "Women are screaming out for a top-quality ladies only club."


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