Most men rely on their wife or girlfriend to dress up

London: It seems that there is a woman behind every well-dressed man.

Two thirds of the men quizzed in an online survey admitted that they rely on the woman in their life to pick out ties, shirts, suits and even their shoes.

The majority confessed they need the most help on a Monday morning, blaming their own lack of confidence when it comes to style.

Half said they are actually “dressed” by their wife – who does up their tie or ¬fastens their cuff links.

One in six men has help to pick out what to wear every day, and one in five has clothes laid out in front of them most days, according to a website.

“Many men want to be better dressed, but lack style knowledge and confidence. That’s why millions of men are relying on women in their lives – particularly their wives or partners – to help choose what to wear, not just at work but for other occasions,” the Daily Express quoted a spokesman for the website as saying.

“Many men feel like they’re stuck in a style rut and don’t know where to begin when it comes to sorting out their fashion sense.

“Coupled with the fact most men hate traipsing around shops on a Saturday, facing crowds and busy changing rooms means a large chunk of men tend to wear the same jeans at the weekend.

“They also have the same style of shoe or shirt and some have even felt this has held them back in life. And while they may judge their friends when they step out in something new, many are in fact jealous of their style but fear being ridiculed if they wear something out of their comfort zone,” the spokesman added.

The survey also revealed some of the reasons why men let their other half choose their clothes.

A third of them said they trust a woman’s judgment but one in six just “give in for an easy life”.


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