My sons influence who I date, says Pamela Anderson

London: Pamela Anderson says her choice of men is influenced by her sons, 15-year-old Brandon and 13-year-old Dylan.

"My sons influence who I date, but maybe as they get older my attitude towards men may change. It`s just when you`re a single mum, unfortunately I think we date for our kids. You think, `Who are my kids going to want to hang out with?` Rather than who you want," Pamela told OK! magazine.

The 44-year-old actress says she is single at the moment but is confident she will eventually meet the right man, reports

"I am single. I like someone with a bit of an edge. Someone who`s passionate about what they do. But I guess I haven`t found that magical combination of everything yet. Someday I`ll find someone," she said.