New lover’s bad breath is most Brit girls` morning-after nightmare

London: British girls say that the worst morning-after nightmare is waking to their new lover’s bad breath.

A poll of 1,045 adults by BioRepair toothpaste revealed that a stale mouth bothers nearly half of women-41 per cent-far higher than the one in four who fear getting naked in front of their man, reports a daily.

And one in three men are bothered too by ``morning mouth``, revealed the survey.

Other dating nightmares include suffering awkward silences, being stood up and your partner in need of a deodorant.

The poll has also revealed that most people fear having food stuck in their teeth, discovering they have no chemistry with their date, falling over and spilling a drink.

One in four men fear being stood up on a date compared with just six per cent of women.

Louise Fair, spokeswoman for BioRepair toothpaste, said: "It was surprising just how fearful Brits are of having morning breath in front of a new partner, especially as this came in as more embarrassing than being naked in front of a new partner."