No one flirts with me: Paloma

Updated: Feb 20, 2013, 14:14 PM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Paloma Faith says she is very much single -- and ready to mingle.

She believes no one asks her out for a date because everyone thinks she is engaged.

"I`m single for the first time since the age of about 14. No one ever chats me up. I think they all think I`m taken. Either that or no one fancies me," quoted the 27-year-old as saying.

"I don`t get hit on by anyone, ever. That`s the truth. No one ever approaches me, famous or otherwise. I`m not seeing anyone but am open to offers… I`m on the lookout," she added.

The singer knows what kind of man she wants in her life.

"I like someone with a really good and dark sense of humour, who doesn`t take themselves too seriously and preferably non-European," Faith said.

"My mother is always on at me to have children and blames `that stupid stage thing you do` for me not already having a family. In five years, I`d like to have a small brood of babies," she added.