Not many couples dare conquer the male G-spot.

Outer massage of the male G-spot

The outer massage of the male G-spot can be the first step towards new adventures in your sexual life. A man who totally trusts you can still be embarrassed when your hand wanders a bit too close to his anal cavity. Besides the prejudice concerning anal intercourse, many men are also concerned about hygiene and the sensations themselves aren’t pleasant. The sensations are new and thus unpleasant for that reason alone. So, an outer G-spot massage is very appropriate to get your man accustomed to these sensations. We start the massage by finding the spot between the anus and the beginning of the testicles. This area is called the crotch and we start massaging here. It is good to use a lot of saliva or lubricant. Start with circular motions and light pressure, then increase the pressure and change the motions. If you keep doing the same movements, the body becomes accustomed to them and the sensations aren’t unpleasant any more. Don’t forget to stimulate the rest of the body. The best combination is oral and manual pleasure. Give your partner time to get accustomed to these new sensations. The massage is not intended for an orgasm, but to increase the intensity. The massage intensifies an orgasm in three ways. It strengthens the contractions and the pulsations of the urethra, which continues into the prostate. It contracts the prostate and the muscles of the pelvic floor. The massage will strengthen his orgasm greatly.

Be gentle!

The most important thing when massaging the crotch is to be extremely gentle and careful. You have to have tidy fingernails, use only the tips of your fingers, preferably thumbs. If you want to perform longer moves, bend your index and middle fingers and squeeze them together. Put lubricant on them and make long movements from the anus to the testicles with the whole surface of the two knuckles. If you have a vibrator handy, it is recommendable you use it to help you with the massage. No matter how unusual and technical it may all sound: If you don’t try it, you will never know what kind of sensations you may experience with your new bed actions.

Inner massage of the G-spot

An inner massage of the G-spot means that you have to get as close to the prostate as possible. Before, we stimulated it only through the crotch. This is most easily done through the anal cavity. There are several problems here. Again, hygiene is of utmost importance. You can also put on tight latex gloves to help you. You should put a lot of lubricant on them. You should also do the same with your finger if you decide to explore without protection. It’s best to prepare your partner for this moment slowly. Massage his testicles during intercourse, use your own “moistness” to massage the crotch. You can unintentionally let your finger slip to the anal cavity, which you should slowly but persistently visit with new portions of natural lubricant. A wet sensation in the anus is very pleasant for a man and is enough to relax the muscles. Once you moisten the area, it is best if you indicate what you want to do to your partner and insert your finger gently in circular motions into the anus. Perhaps you should just place your finger there and wait until your partner wants it and starts receiving your finger into his anus himself. This will let you know that you are on the right track and you also won’t have any problems with the sphincter. When he sucks your finger inside, start bending your fingers slowly and thus massage the inner walls of the anus. You will feel that the prostate gland is on the other side of the wall. It is the size of a chestnut. Be careful and use really soft and gentle movements. When the partner is nearing an orgasm, be aware that it will be powerful and that the sphincter will start to contract strongly. At that moment, you should only remain still and then slowly and gently pull out your finger. Don’t force it out. We can also use a mini vibrator instead of a finger. This will only enhance your lover’s pleasure.

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