Not marrying Ronnie Wood for money, says fiancee

London: Ronnie Wood`s fiancee Sally Humphreys has brushed off reports that she is marrying the veterans singer for money.

Wood, 65, and Humphreys, 34, plan to marry in early 2013. Humphreys says she is hurt by criticism of her romance with Wood.

"There is an age gap. I would prefer it if there wasn`t but there is. But maybe I`m a bit older and he`s a bit younger at heart... I could be struck by lightning or knocked down by a bus. I can`t not allow good times now because in 20 years` time it will be different...," she told a leading daily.

"He is phenomenally talented and very funny. He`s an artist and a musician, and he`s very entertaining. People always say, would you still be going out with him if he was a bin man (garbage collector). Well, if the bin man could play guitar and paint pictures and was hilariously funny, yeah, I would...

"You read these unkind comments... opinionated articles not backed up in fact, about this horrible old man who dyes his hair and doesn`t put his teeth in... it`s just lies," she added.

She goes on to deny having any financial motivation in marrying the rocker, adding, "People say, are you a gold-digger, are you this, are you that? I`m not. If I was, I wouldn`t be at work every day. But I suppose only time will tell."


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