Now, find your soulmate in just 90 days! Really!

New Delhi: A match making company in China has claimed that it can help any single woman find their ‘soulmate’ in just 90 days.

But the services offered by this self-styled life coach, Liang Yali comes for a price.

“We’re not a matchmaking service, we’re pioneers,” said the 41-year-old founder of Yali Marriage Quotient, which is run from an exclusive club in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area.

“We’re more like an educational institute. We offer classes that help women understand themselves better, and build their confidence so they are more outgoing.”

“Good things, including marriage, will happen once they start coming out.”

Yali also said that 60 percent of her students last year have already ‘graduated’ by tying the knot with Mr Right, China Daily reported.

The premium package, which consists of four two-day classes and tailored coaching, costs 11,800 yuan (1,900 dollars).

However, the company also offers other courses that range from two hours to three days, with the cheapest at 4,800 yuan.

“That``s very little to pay to improve your life - to meet your soul mate and start a family,” said Kenneth Davis, 52, the company``s executive director and Liang``s husband.

Dong Ning, who takes care of general inquiries for the company, said that the special love lessons are highly customized.

“First, Liang usually interviews her students, so she can understand what they are like and learn about their previous relationships,” she said.

“Students are told to attend classes at different frequencies, depending on their level. We also track their progress once they have finished the course.”

Liang asserted that the average time for ‘graduation’ is about 90 days, counting from when students start the classes to when they walk down the aisle.

She also offers a 100 percent reimbursement if the clients are unhappy.


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