Now, online test that uses brain science to help you find your soulmate

Washington: A US based company has come up with an online test that helps singles make better choices by tapping into their own brain for finding Mr Right or Ms Right.

This scientific test, now called BrainDesire, lets singles compare between possible dating partners by giving a scientific clue about which one would be a better fit for their self. The result is objective and cannot be influenced, Newswise reported.

In order to take this test, released by Brain and Science LLC, all one needs is a Web browser.

Recent research in brain science has shown that Mr Right (or Ms Right) instantly activates specific brain areas involved with desire and love.

The brain knows if that person will arouse one’s reward system, and begins to anticipate. As soon as a person catches the brain’s attention and before conscious awareness, this automatic activation leaves a mark on the brain, a specific signature.

This happens before entering into a relationship and even during a furtive encounter.

The intensity of such brain activation reflects to what extent that person is a good fit for one’s self. BrainDesire helps singles make better dating choices by quantifying this activation.

“A good choice could become your best date ever, ” said Raoul Beck, CEO of Brain and Science.

This brain activation translates into the instant release of a cocktail of neurohormones, such as dopamine. Their immediate effect on cognitive and motor networks results in an identifiable pattern on reaction times that BrainDesire can measure.

Therefore this scientific compatibility test runs on any computer, without any cumbersome sensor.


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