Older men now ‘more likely to hit love jackpot’

Melbourne: Older men are now more likely to hit the love jackpot, according to new statistics.

Experts say there are 17 per cent more single women than single men over the age of 50 in Queensland.

“After divorces men go into their caves and are scared to enter the dating arena,” The Courier Mail quoted Ideal Introductions`` Linda Prescott as saying.

“Dating over 40 doesn’t mean you’re running out of time, in fact it’s the opposite, with statistics revealing that the older a man is, the easier he is to match,” she said.

“Women in their 20s and 30s are very visual and they’ve got the choice over the guys but as soon as you hit around 38, the guys have the choice over the women and the guys know it,” Prescott added.

Prescott said there were 9 per cent more single women than men at age 40, 17 per cent more women at age 50 years, 27 per cent more women at age 60, and 49 per cent more women available at age 70.

She added that money is not an issue anymore for women; they would rather live a modest lifestyle than live alone.