One in five has a secret lover, reveals a study

London: One in five people worldwide have a secret lover, a study has found.

According to research by, many of us lust after someone else than our current partner, reports a news website.

The situation is so bad that one in five of all adults have confessed that they are in love with someone they shouldn`t be.

Research has found that about five million Britons harbor thoughts for another person - despite already being married or cohabiting.

Worse still, the scorned partner probably already knows the object of their loved-one`s affections, because the tempter or temptress is most likely to be a close friend, a work colleague or an old flame.

The research questioned 3,000 people online and found that one in six people had had a long-term affair. One in 25 people had been in love with someone else for more than five years.

One in 50 had loved someone other than their partner for as long as they could remember.

Men were the worst culprits, with 22 percent admitting a secret love, compared with 15 percent of women.

A spokesman for the researchers said: "Even in a happy relationship, it`s possible to have a wandering eye or crave affection from another."

"For those who can`t control their lust, this usually leads to an affair and potentially the start of a marriage or relationship breakdown," he added.