Online dating profiles show worst of web romance

London: A humour website has collected some odd snaps of wannabe romantics to highlight the worst the world of web dating has to offer.

It’s hard to understand who they were hoping to impress, with messages that are likely to send suitors fleeing in terror.

One is a little too up-front about his personal habits, confessing “I fart a lot”.

A middle-aged man bizarrely chose to pose leaning on a wheelie bin while wearing a bin bag.

And if that wasn’t quirky enough, he says the most private thing he is willing to admit is that he “likes to drink pickle juice”.

Another scary-looking fella, whose picture was taken by website, has opted for a snap of himself looking overweight on a beach.

But if that wasn’t enough, he also boasts of his “welding and shooting” abilities.

A different man is unlikely to meet the right lady, confessing that on a typical Friday night he is “shaving his public hair” to be ready for the weekend.

A tattooed fellow wearing dungarees and carrying a beer and a GUN gives an insight into his childhood, revealing “I was in beauty pageants and won as a boy, my dad forced me into it.”

“My dad smokes hella weed,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

One man shows off his interest in history, with golden Egyptian-style headwear.

But the lighthearted snap doesn’t fit with his message, where he says he spends a lot of time thinking about “the evil that men do”.