Organise your time to keep romance alive: Alba

Los Angeles: Actress Jessica Alba says new parents should adopt time-management to keep their romance alive after having children.

Alba admits that her relationship with Cash Warren has changed dramatically since they wed in May 2008 and became parents to two daughters - Honor and Haven, reports

"Having time to see a movie or enjoy a glass of wine by yourself - let alone with your husband - before your kids head off to college? I know - it feels like an impossibility or a far-off dream. But I can assure you it`s not," she wrote on her blog.

She schedules some exclusive moments with Warren and says it helps.

"Cash and I have found that maintaining a family schedule is the key to making time for each other. Whether we`re settling into the couch to watch bad reality television or getting a babysitter so we can enjoy a night out, we always know we have dedicated time after the girls are asleep to catch up, discuss what`s on our minds, and simply just be with each other," she wrote.

"Making time for our relationship in our daily routine - even though it`s surprisingly predictable and may not seem as spicy as our spontaneous pre-kiddo days - really helps keep the romance alive. I don`t think romance is always about swinging from chandeliers (although it`s nice from time to time). It`s really about the small gestures," she added.