Paula Patton in no mood to reconcile with Robin Thicke yet

IANS| Updated: Mar 25, 2014, 07:47 AM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Paula Patton is reportedly in no mood to reconcile with estranged husband singer Robin Thicke as yet despite his repeated attempts to profess his love for her.

"Robin has not been convincing enough for her to bring him back into her life. We`re told Paula is saying the same thing she`s said since she threw in the towel late last month -- that he needs to prove he can be a good husband," sources close to Patton, told

Thicke has, in the recent past, begged for forgiveness in concerts, and privately too, but Patton is quite indecisive to give the marriage another try.

However, she still has not met with a divorce lawyer and has made no decision to file legal documents either.

They were married for almost nine years before deciding to go splitsville.