People are putting their relationships at risk by using laptops in bed

London: Looks like the concept of spending quality time together is slowly fading away among couples, with most preferring to spend more time on their laptops than with each other in the bedrooms.

A study, which was carried out by Ikea on two million Britons, has indicated that couples are spending more time looking at their laptops in the bedroom than they do looking at each other.

It also stated that more and more people are putting their relationships at risk by using laptops in bed.

Christine Northam, a counsellor with Relate, warned the obsession with technology could lead to relationship problems.

“Modern technology provides us with brilliant tools but when its use becomes excessive and clutters the bedroom it can actually get in the way of relationships,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“Technology is a major distraction and can lead others to think you’re avoiding them,” she added.

Northam said to avoid complication in relationship it is always better to talk with your partner while in bed.

“A quiet chat is a great way of connecting with family and friends,” she said.

“We need to make time for talking face to face. When you’re in bed it’s the perfect time to turn off the tech and tune into your relationship,” she added.


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