Peter Andre afraid to date for fear of gossip!

Updated: Jun 14, 2010, 12:38 PM IST

London: Australian singer Peter Andre has revealed he is "too scared" to date a woman because he fears being left heartbroken if she sells her story about their love life to the tabloids.

The `Mysterious Girl` hitmaker, who divorced reality TV star Katie `Jordan` Price last year, was left shocked when glamour model Maddy Ford went public with details of their three-month relationship earlier this year and Andre, who has been single ever since is worried he will be betrayed again if he gets involved in another romance, reports a news website.

"When it comes to relationships my guard is up big time. I can meet people and go on a few dates but then comes the point when it may become a relationship. And that`s when the barrier comes up because I need to protect myself," he said.

"You meet someone, get to know them a bit and intimacy follows. If it doesn`t work out it`s just one of those things. But does the whole world need to know?

"There was a girl on `Britain`s Got Talent` this year. She`d been one of my dancers on tour and told a newspaper we`d met but nothing happened but our dancing together. I thought that was fair enough. But apparently she has now sold a story about another guy in the industry who she did sleep with. I thought, `That could`ve been me if I`d believed there was no harm in it`. You just don`t know who`s going to be a storyteller. I`m too scared to get close, to be honest," he added.