‘Pornification’ of teen girls on the rise

London: Experts have warned that there has been an alarming rise in ‘pornification’ of teenage girls.

Teenagers as young as 14 are getting Brazilian waxes – just one of the many intimate beauty treatments that are becoming popular with girls as boyfriends demand they look like porn stars, the experts say.

``Their boyfriends are putting pressure on them to have the pre-pubescent porn star look,`` the Courier Mail quoted author Melinda Tankard-Reist, as saying.

``They`ve come to despise their natural bodies,`` she added.

The trend indicates growing sexualisation of children, where everything they do, see or watch is about sex.

Leading child protection advocate Hetty Johnston said banning treatments on under-16s would at least encourage self-regulation.

`Personally I think any girl under 16 getting a Brazilian is a bit young,` said Mt Gravatt Brazilian Beauty manager Avril Radford.

Brazilian Beauty in Brisbane has also received requests from early teens wanting a full Brazilian wax.

`Mostly it is girls around 16 but we do occasionally get younger girls in, but they must have a parent with them,` the store manager said.