Prince William’s wedding day to be ‘national day of celebration’

London: The entire UK is apparently poised to get a day off for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding.

PM David Cameron wants to give Brits a bonus bank holiday for the big day.

The royal couple - keen that everyone should share their happiness - immediately backed him.

David Cameron told MPs next year’s nuptials should be a "national day of celebration".

"Prince William and Catherine Middleton are grateful for the Prime Minister’s comments,” the Sun quoted St James’s Palace as confirming.

"They support the idea of a bank holiday - but recognise this is very much a matter for the Government."

He told MPs: "There is a debate I think we ought to have - obviously not knowing what the date is yet - but whether there ought to be a bank holiday.

"I think if it``s in the middle of the week it would be a very good idea to have a bank holiday."

Cameron, speaking to the Commons Liaison Committee, said a weekend wedding was just as likely - and that it was "entirely a decision for the Royal Family".

But he stressed: "Even if it’s at a weekend I think there would be a great temptation to have a bank holiday - a day of national celebration to mark what is happening."

The committee’s chairman - Lib Dem MP Alan Beith - declared: "That sounds like a decision."