Read about the things people are frightened about sexually!

How do you recognize a phobia?

Phobia, in a psychological sense, is a disease and a very persistent and irrational fear of an object, animal, person or situation. The phobia doesn`t make any sense, but it is very difficult for a patient to get rid of it. Phobia is a psychological disturbance where an exposed stimulus can trigger extreme anxiety or even panic attacks. Unpleasant psychological symptoms make the living impossible for the person affected and therapies are needed.

What are sexual phobias?

There are many different phobias which cover different parts of life, including the sexual part. Sexuality and sexual relations are the basic part of every person`s life, but there are also people who suffer from unreasonable sexual fears and phobias of concrete sexual activities. No matter how unusual they are, most sexual phobias develop from stressful, traumatic situations. Sexual phobias can be caused by sexual abuse, traumatic sexual experiences, bad relationship with a partner as well as many other unpleasant situations. Most phobias can be successfully treated with the help of experts, such as psychotherapists and psychiatrists, who help people to get rid of irrational fears and enable them to have a normal sex life.

Different kinds of sexual phobias exist

Erotophobia is an overall sexual phobia and irrational fear in front of all things sexual. Coitophobia is fear of coitus or sexual intercourse itself. Gymnophobia is fear of seeing a naked body; it does not only encompass unpleasant feelings and shyness, but it is a phobic fear of nakedness, either if someone will see you naked or if you will see someone naked. Menophobia is a phobia of menstrual period. Eurotophobia develops with people who are afraid of female sexual organs. With some people, the symptoms appear if they think about female sexual organs, with the others if they look at them and with some only if they stimulate them.

Parthenophobia is an irrational fear of innocent or young women. Heterophobia is painful fear of the opposite sex. Oneirogmophobia is the fear of wet dreams. Ithyphallophobia is fear connected to erection (observing erection, the appearance of erection, thinking about erection, etc.) which is experienced by women as well as men.

Medomalacuphobia is exactly the opposite – fear of losing the erection. Even though men often worry about their erection, a sexual phobia is an irrational fear and it only affects a small percent of the population.